Mar 05

afrobonics radio session 1

Djinji Brown

Afrobonics radio session 1: featuring afro-brasillian loveliness blended with salsa grooves and afrobeat and some hip hop remixes dashed in. pictured above is Djinji Brown who comes in on the set with “Mojuba” a nice groove with a strong spiritual vibe.

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Song/ Artist
Candomble/ Mariana Aydar
O Telefone Tocou Novamente/ O Povo Canta
La Cosa Nostra/ Erlon Chaves
Amor/ Secos e Mohaldos
Oio Gebe/ Watusi (Black Rio 2 Compilation)
No Caminho do Bem/ Tim Maia
Coluna De Meio/ Zeco Do Trombone & Roberto Sax (Black Rio 2 Compilation)
Tres caras del son/ Muso y su Gran Sonora w/Candido Fabre (Tobaco Y ron-Tuni Cuba vol. 1)
El Guayabero/ Ocho
Kimbo Kimbisa/ Gracuela
Mojuba/ Djinji Brown
When I needed someone/ Black Sugar
Born with Music/ Buari
Obanla’e/ Antibalas
African Message/ Tony Allen
Ye Ye no Smell/ Fela
Afrobonics crush remix/North Star Groovement
Maracatueira/ Sabrina Malheiros

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